Other products

In the twelve hectares of the estate there are vineyards, olive trees and fruit trees, a forest of oaks, lilies and acacias, wild meadows, herbs and wild flowers. In addition to the selection of our organic wines, we produce extra virgin olive oil, honey from wild-flowers, acacia and woodland, and quality fruits.


All our products are certified by European regulations on organic farming, which guarantee the quality of products obtained by the organic method.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Olive plantations are an emerging phenomenon in Emilia-Romagna. Nonetheless historical documents trace the oldest local plantations over many centuries; indeed many century-old specimens are still present in our park and in the hills of Croara.


Our olive oil Chiostro is made from different olive tree varieties: Nostrana and Ghiacciola. These are grown at 150 meters altitude, hand-picked at the end of October and cold-processed. Our extra virgin olive oil is green with golden reflections, with a medium fruity olive taste, and hints of almond and tomato scents. Although both bitter and spicy, it is harmonious and turns out to be slightly spicier than bitter. There are no defects and the high content of phenol is a positive note as the oil ages.


The organic extra-virgin olive oil Tenuta Santa Cecilia is a quality product, which falls well within the parameters of extra-virgin oil and has a high content of polyphenols, rich in antioxidant properties. Store away from sources of light and heat. 


The bee hives and bee grazing in Tenuta Santa Cecilia is completely organic: indeed there is no use of any chemicals in the preparation, health management of the bees, nor in the maintenance of our land. The botanical biodiversity of the estate provides our bees with nourishment throughout the year.


Once the honey has reached adequate humidity for a long storage, it is harvested and extracted from the honeycomb without being subjected to heating processes. After a short period of decanting in special containers, it is ready to be stored in jars.






Our orchards are cultivated according to the principles of organic farming. We have chosen to plant fruit trees of ancient varieties, often forgotten, and local varieties which are more resistant and characteristic of the territory, paying special attention to biodiversity. We produce Bigarreaux cherries, Marche cherries, Vignola cherries, blackberries, Roman and Abbondanza apples, quinces, Angela grapes, and figs of ancient varieties.