The Winery

The organic winery Tenuta Santa Cecilia is located in Croara, on the hills immediately South-East of Bologna, in the nature-park of the Gessi Bolognesi and Calanchi dell’Abbadessa. This area has an well-documented historic vocation for viticulture, thanks to its soil which is geologically defined as “Terre dei gessi e sabbie gialle” (lands of chalk and yellow sands) and a particularly favorable microclimate.


Since our beginnings, the winery is managed according to the canons of organic farming, without synthetic chemicals and herbicides, but only with natural copper and sulfur for the maintenance of the vineyard. The vineyard maintains a natural field of grass and herbs to avoid the erosion of the hilly and sandy terrain. The small size of the vineyard - just under 6 hectares - allows us to follow directly every step of the vinification process, and the limited use of sulphites ensures our wines freshness and naturalness.


Sustainability has always been our goal: our vineyards live without the use of artificial irrigation, with just the water provided by rain. This ancient technique is used to avoid the waste of water resources and to avoid the modification in the composition of the soils. Moreover, in doing so the quality of grapes is improved: both in organic and biodynamic farming the stress factor is key, as the plant produces more antioxidant substances to protect itself naturally and therefore the goodness and nutriments of the grapes are increased. In the United States these kind of wines are called Dry Farm Wines and are the new frontier of sustainable wine.


Tenuta Santa Cecilia produces the native Pignoletto, in the versions Superior, Sparkling and Refermented; Barbera both still and Sparkling, and Merlot. In addition to our organic wines we produce extra-virgin olive oil, honey and organic fruits, such as apples and cherries.